Our Custom Backyard Bar

Our Very Own Backyard Bar

Before we started Deep Seeded Woodworking I used to be in residential and commercial Construction. At the end of every project we would load up a truck of left over lumber and hardware and take it to what we called the Boneyard. This was a garage and backyard where we kept our extra product. It would pile up over the time and eventually I started putting the pieces together to build my custom bar. Posts, concrete hardware everything was falling into place. My backyard needed something. People would come to our home and gather in the kitchen. We needed an outdoor gathering area. The concrete slab was there so I designed it around that. Once I had the structure up I decided I would use rough sawn 1 x 6 doug fir to face the bar. We conveniently had enough in the boneyard left over to make it work. Then with some help from my buddy Anthony we got some power to the bar and I cut the 22 oz bottles and made them into lamps. We had the bar and lights now we needed the seats. We saw these tractor seats in Portland when we went there a few years ago and said how cool would it be to have our own tractor seats in our back yard. We purchased the seats online and I ran them to my steel guy and within a week I had powder coated seats welded to a post with a matching base that went into concrete. We installed the seat and then built the gas fire pit. We were almost ready to install the decomposed granite. We laid the border stones which are the same as the fire pit and then we were ready for road base and DG. It was quite a project but transformed out entire was of living. We have had numerous dinners and parties and the bar is the spot where everyone hangs. We accompanied the bar with a kegerator with 3 taps housed in a rough sawn little house and some café lights over the fire pit.